Jurnal Kepariwisataan Indonesia: Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kepariwisataan Indonesia is published twice a year; in June and December by the Directorate of Strategic Research, Deputy for Strategic Policy, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Republic of Indonesia. The Indonesian Tourism Journal contains the results of empirical research, theory development, studies, and thoughts in the tourism sector that meet scientific principles.

The Indonesian Tourism Journal aims to openly disseminate the results of research, studies, and thoughts of researchers, lecturers, planners, practitioners, and policy makers in the tourism sector in order to support the exchange of tourism knowledge globally.

All articles published in JKI are in Indonesian and in accordance with the standard rules for the use of Indonesian. However, English is still used in the Abstract section and the tourism terms that cannot be translated into Indonesian.

The focus and scope of the journal:

  1. Tourism Destinations and Infrastructure, including Marine and Coastal Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism, Border Tourism, Travel Patterns, and other topics relevant to the development of tourist destinations and infrastructure
  2. Tourism Marketing, covering Marketing Communications, Tourist Behavior, and other topics relevant to tourism marketing
  3. Tourism Industry and Investment, covering the Tourism Business, Tourism Business Technology and Information, tourism investment, and other topics relevant to the tourism industry and investment
  4. Human Resources and Institutions, including Tourism Planning and Policy, Tourism Workforce, inter-institutional relations, and other topics relevant to human resources and tourism institutions.